Yes VC Partner, Caterina Fake, is launching her new podcast this fall, titled INGENIOUS. Sign up on Caterina’s substack to get the latest and news of the launch.

Conversations with the world’s most Ingenious people.

Caterina Fake will bring together some of the most brilliant and visionary figures of our time, many of them friends and colleagues, for deep discussions about inspiration, humanity, technology, and the future of the world.

With INGENIOUS, she explores the sources of inspiration and the hopes fueling luminaries working on the cutting edge of creativity, art, entrepreneurship, and technology. Shaping the outcome of global conflicts, climate change, education, and other forces acting upon the future, Caterina poses essential questions about where we are headed and how our ingenuity can solve some of the world’s thorniest problems. With her guests she will talk about new ideas, what gives them energy and fortitude, and what we can all do to bring out our own brilliance. In an era caught between tremendous promise and terrible threats, Caterina Fake helps us reflect on our deeply human sources of inspiration and ingenuity.