Early stage capital

Hello! We are Yes VC, comprised of partners

Caterina Fake and

Jyri Engeström. We fund great companies

at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

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Caterina Fake
Jyri Engeström

So far, we have these companies in our portfolio:

Spell builds infrastructure for AI and deep learning that used to be available only if you worked at a big company.

Spell says: “AI and deep learning technology shouldn’t

be mysterious

and locked away but open and available for

everyone to try.”

Orchid is creating "a world where users own the internet"—decentralized, open-source


for an internet free from surveillance, censorship, and

businesses that harvest and sell your data.

Aware is preventing deadly wildfires

with inexpensive mesh sensors

that combine imaging and laser sensing

on power lines and utility poles.

CryptoKitties are breedable and oh-so-adorable collectibles on the blockchain.

Each cat is 100% owned by you;

it cannot be replicated

or destroyed.

Running Tide is robotizing aquaculture.

Humanity's diet is shifting off industrial meat.

Robotically farmed oysters and shellfish

will be a natural source of protein at scale.

Andrena offers wireless home internet at a fraction of the cost,

securely shared by neighbors,

and engineered for

Net Neutrality.

Lovevery makes child development products

distilled to their simplest, purest purpose:

to be exactly what children

need at each stage.

Superhuman is the fastest email experience ever made,

with advanced features

that give you

communication superpowers.

Public Goods gets you all the products you consume daily

from shampoo to toilet paper to olive oil, with

minimal branding, beautiful design

and healthy ingredients.