Caterina at the ICE Experience in Las Vegas

Bob Hart from ICE Mortgage Technology, spoke with Caterina and Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring about strategies for approaching, driving, and adopting innovation. She talked about how the weird macroeconomic environment we’re currently living through is likely to be a time of great company building. Constraints inspire creativity, and all the great vintages have been when money is scarce, and only the most determined and ingenious entrepreneurs are at the helm. There’s also a transformative new technology on the rise–AI–which will transform so much of what has come before. Though there’s a lot of pain out there in the business world which is suffering from layoffs, the public markets, COVID, remote working–so much–there is hope, and even excitement, and a lot of work to do.

“The advice I have for mortgage lenders during this time is to be alert and be curious. Seek feedback from customers. Seek the changes in your environment. There’s opportunity out there.” – Caterina Fake 


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