Yes VC funds Steady Energy, maker of a new class of small nuclear reactors

Yes VC teamed up with Lifeline Ventures to fund Steady Energy, maker of a new class of small nuclear reactors. The first model, LDR-50, was invented by CEO Tommi Nyman’s group at the Finnish national laboratories (VTT). What makes it special?

It’s a pill-shaped fission-powered water boiler the size of a minibus standing on its head. Instead of generating electricity, it just radiates heat, which transfers to water at 100% efficiency replacing the fossil-burning boilers European countries use for district heating.

About 50% of all energy consumed by EU households goes to heating! 60 million Europeans heat their homes with district heating, but 75% of district heat is generated by burning fossil fuels. All these over 2500 dirty plants need to be replaced with a zero carbon alternative.

The 50-megawatt heat output of one LDR-50 is enough to heat a small city. A bigger plant can have many. There are no turbines, steam or even pumps in the reactor. It does not rely on electricity or any mechanical moving parts, which could fail.

Later, a desalination-specific LDR-50 will produce fresh water in areas of the world suffering from water shortage. Another model will produce steam for industry. This reactor design is ready to be mass produced.

Plants are compact, safe, and can be located close to cities. We are working to bring the first zero-carbon Steady cities up, and staying warm year-round without emissions by 2030. If you’re excited to learn more or join the team, head to

More on the Steady Energy launch here:

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