Andrena uses FWA to blanket MDUs with broadband

There’s a new fixed wireless access firm providing residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) with low-cost broadband service and its secret sauce is its custom access points that use a special beam-forming technology to deliver optimal speeds throughout the building.

Andrena, which launched in 2018, delivers connectivity to MDUs and nearby residents by using unlicensed spectrum in a variety of different bands (including E-band and 24 GHz) and equipment from several unnamed vendors to outfit each MDU with wireless connectivity.

Andrena CEO Neil Chatterjee says that because the company is able to blanket the MDU with a broadband signal, it doesn’t need to install each apartment with a customer premises equipment (CPE). Instead, every new customer can just log in and start receiving broadband service immediately. “You can move in and have your internet right away,” Chatterjee said.

More on how Andrena is using FWA to blanket MDUs with broadband here.

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