Clinikally is Delivering AI-Powered Personalised Dermatological Care in India

Amidst numerous options for beauty products, medical-grade advice for skin & hair care is becoming more and more vital. Clinikally is India’s first dermatology platform that brings effective products, consultations, and personalised care under one single roof.

Skin & hair care products from Clinikally include their pigmentation cream, hair growth serum, Niacinamide serum, SPF 50 sunscreen, and Hyaluronic acid serum, besides others. More products from Clinikally are set to launch to incorporate the complete skin & hair care routine.

The products are made using latest technologies and powerful ingredients sourced from Europe & USA. Therefore, Clinikally’s products aim to make expert-level dermatologist care and products more accessible and affordable to common users in India.

More on Clinikally’s AI-powered personalised dermatological care in India here.

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