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Adept AI

Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence by enabling humans and computers to work together creatively.

Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic is building a non-fossil-powered supersonic passenger plane that flies anywhere in the world in four hours.


makes award-winning, Montessori-inspired toys and subscription boxes for babies and toddlers. Designed by child development experts and sustainably-made.

Running Tide

Running Tide is putting carbon back where it belongs by growing biomass and sinking it in the deep ocean.

Steady Energy

Steady Energy is working to introduce zero-emission heating plants to the market by 2030. At the core of the solution lies the LDR-50 nuclear reactor, which operates at low temperatures and pressures, ensuring investable, safe, and emission-free heat production.


Tau builds advanced electrification and propulsion systems to increase the world’s energy efficiency and energy security.

“When the world says No No No No No, and you hear a Yes, go towards that Yes as hard as you can.”
Caterina Fake

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